As you well know, each week I post three words. You write something using the words.

Then come back and post a link to the contribution with Mr. Linky (but please, link to the exact post, not your blog, by clicking on the exact post title and paste it to Mr. Linky below). As always, there's no hard-and-fast rule that you have to post on Wednesday.

(And if you want a hint as to when I post three new words, follow me on Twitter @tgabrukiewicz.)

But I invite everyone to check back often to read and  comment on other contributions. This is, after all, a community for writers who clamor for feedback.

This week's words:

Brag; verb: Say in a boastful manner; noun: A boastful statement; an act of talking boastfully; adjective: Excellent, first-rate (informal).

Icy; adjective: Covered with or consisting of ice; very cold; (of a person's tone or manner) very unfriendly; hostile.

Polite; adjective: Having or showing behavior that is respectful and considerate of other people; of or relating to people who regard themselves as more cultured and refined than others.


Laurie Kolp said...

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Emma Major said...

wonderful prompt especially with the weather we're having, I was almost tempted to leave it at four lines but no..

withthatshewrote said...

When I first saw the words I had a story in mind.

Hours later, I wrote a completely different story to that initial thought and was better for it. Thanks for the lovely choice!

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed losing my 3WW virginity!! And letting the words run away into a story for me :)

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Late again! But, as the Bishop said to the barmaid, at least I got there in the end.