As you well know, each week I post three words. You write something using the words.

Then come back and post a link to the contribution with Mr. Linky (but please, link to the exact post, not your blog, by clicking on the exact post title and paste it to Mr. Linky below). As always, there's no hard-and-fast rule that you have to post on Wednesday.

(And if you want a hint as to when I post three new words, follow me on Twitter @tgabrukiewicz. And today, by the way, is my 50th birthday.)

I do invite everyone to check back often to read and  comment on other contributions. This is, after all, a community for writers who clamor for feedback.

This week's words:

Edgy; adjective: Tense, nervous, or irritable; (of a musical performance or a piece of writing) having an intense or sharp quality; informal at the forefront of a trend; experimental or avant-garde.

Iconic; adjective: Of, relating to, or the nature of an icon; depicting a victorious athlete in a conventional style.

Lithe; adjective: (Especially of a person's body) thin, supple, and graceful.


Tempest Nightingale LeTrope said...

Happy birthday and thank you for creating this. I know it has been fun for some of the other members of our group blog Undead in the Netherworld, and it certainly was fun for me!

Ben Naga said...

The definition of "edgy" in the Collins Cobuild English Dictionary includes "seem likely to lose control of themselves". Knowing that might a smidgin of depth and understanding of my piece. :)

Nico said...

Happy Birthday--may your wildest dreams come true!

pegjet said...

Happy Birthday, Thom!

Robyn said...

Happy birthday!
Very excited to be participating in 3WW again. I was an original follower when Bone of "If You Read Only One Blog This Year" first started this tradition. So glad to see it's still in existence. :)

Sharp Little Pencil said...

Thom, Happy Birthday! Glad to be back in the swing of things. Let me tell you, sir: Life begins at 40, but it only improves with the decades. You prove that every time you post. Love, Amy