As you well know, each week I post three words. You write something using the words.

Then come back and post a link to the contribution with Mr. Linky (but please, link to the exact post, not your blog, by clicking on the exact post title and paste it to Mr. Linky below). As always, there's no hard-and-fast rule that you have to post on Wednesday.

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I do invite everyone to check back often to read and  comment on other contributions. This is, after all, a community for writers who clamor for feedback.

This week's words:

Cooperate; verb: Act jointly; work toward the same end; assist someone or comply with their requests.

Lame; adjective: (Of a person or animal) unable to walk normally because of an injury or illness affecting the leg or foot; (of an explanation or excuse) unconvincingly feeble; (of a person) naive or inept, especially socially.

Terse; adjective: Sparing in the use of words; abrupt. 


rallentanda said...

My micro poems are getting even shorter:)

withthatshewrote said...

I love those weeks where the idea forms instantly.

- Ellen J. Miller

Tempest Nightingale LeTrope said...

Mine's a little wild and crazy--but so is everything else I write!

maglomaniac said...

a story for this time


numerounity said...

Submitted my post...pl do comment

rallentanda said...

I liked these words so much I am doing a second poem. Thanks Thom and a Happy Easter break to everyone!

rallentanda said...

I enjoyed these words so much I am writing a second poem. Thanks Thom. A very Happy easter break to everyone!

Akila G said...

glad t have come here. hope to read others soon!

Vikas Pandey said...

This is the first time I have tried something like this... and really enjoyed it.